Integrated class A amplifier SE-100


We present a non compromise Class A integrated Amplifier
with the following characteristics:

  • Class A.
  • Parallel Mosfet output stage.
  • Jfet amplifier input stage.
  • Single Ended output characteristics.
  • Unique JFet single ended preamplifier stage.
  • Use of interstage transformers.
  • Separate PSUs, for every stage of the amplifier and every stage of
    preamplifier. Totally sixteen different psu are located inside the
    chassis and twelve of them are regulated. Those who were not
    regulated are left only with capacitors and chokes, because gave
    better sonic results.
  • Total capacitance bank ~600.000uF.
  • Three separate transformers, and totally sixteen separate
    windings. Two big toroidal transformers of 500 Watt each.
  • Remote control.
  • Big LCD Screen with backlight, Indicating input selection, and
    volume intensity.
  • Mute function.
  • Push button control from Frontpanel.
  • Luxurious and precisely machined chassis. Chassis made exclusively
    of hi grade aluminium.
  • With the use of internal jumbers the amplifier can work as a power
    amplifier, separating completely the internal preamplifier. This is
    very comfortable to those who would like to taste different preamplifier
  • Four selectable inputs, one of them balanced.
  • One set of speaker outputs.
  • Separate inputs for those who will use the SE-100 as power
    amplifier. Two sets, one Single Ended and one balanced.
  • Top quality of input and output connectors.
  • Top quality of materials used.
  • Custom internal wiring.
  • Through hole construction.
  • Oversized thermal bank, using heatsinks.
  • Three point feet support.
  • Handcrafted.
  • Inside detailed photo


Summary of the nominal specifications:

Distortion @ 1 watt .01% @ 1 KHz
Preamplifier input Impedance 100 KOhm
Power amplifier input Impedance 100 KOhm
Output Impedance 0.51 Ohm
Output power 8 ohms ~50 watts @ 1% THD, 1KHz
Pre-amplifier Voltage Gain 10 dB
Amplifier Voltage Gain 25.6 dB
Maximum unclipped output +/-29 Volts
Frequency response -3 dB @ 2 Hz, -3 dB @ ~200 KHz
Noise ~68uV unweighted, 20-20 Hz
Power consumption ~220 watts / per Channel
Fuse slow blow type, 6 Amp for 240VAC
Dimensions unpacked H x L x D / 22X45X52 cm
Dimensions packed H x L x D / 30X55X65 cm
Weight unpacked ~ 41 Kgr
Weight packed ~ 46 Kgr